Monday, May 21, 2012

Project 52....Week Fourteen "Home" runner ups

Project 52....Week Fourteen "Home"


When I was a little girl we would go to the State Fair and ever year I would look at the hand carved signs that were carved by the same guy in the pioneer village. I always wanted one but knew I couldn't have one until I had my own family. In 1998 my wish came true. As we were walking threw Pioneer village I stopped and starred at the man carving the signs. I asked my husband if I could finally get one. He said we did't have enough money. So my dad says " Carrey has been looking at these signs since she was a little girl. I will pay for 1/2 of the sign if you pay for the rest." This sign has hung at both of our house since then. When I think about Home I think about my sign.